Spring Cleaning Offer

Free offer for spring cleaning

By Mark Ortiz, Stone Restoration Specialist

Spring is here! And spring cleaning begins whenever you are ready to tackle the dirty stuff. You noticed the dirty cabinets and door jams, so out comes the Mr Clean Sponges and an array of other cleaning products.


So, do you like cleaning shower soap scum and hand scrubbing dirty grouts? I didn't think so. Let us help you get started!  And not only will we help you get clean, we will also offer you 2 free services. Read on....


As always, we at PGS thank you for being your first choice in stone and tile care. Your support and your referrals mean the world to us. Let me know if I can help you with any of your stone care needs.  


Mark Ortiz - Owner




I know you have at least one of the following areas in your home you don't want to clean or repair. Take a look at this list and prove my bias thinking wrong :)  


You have.....

Dirty tiles ands grouts

Soap scum and minerals deposits on your shower

Dull and etched marble tops

Cracked grouts, caulking and epoxy joints

Dirty travertine floors inside or outside

Lack-luster kitchen countertops

That small crack or chip you haven't addressed 

Greasy backsplash behind stove (oh you haven't felt that yet?)

Worn and ugly stainless steel sinks

Dirty and damaged exterior bbq countertops



So, did I get at least one of your dirty areas right? 

THE ESTIMATE                                          


Ok, so which one are you going to do first? Let us help you figure that out. We can come in and give you a free estimate for each area you might want cleaned or fixed. Then you can decide which areas you want to do and which areas you want us to do.  And this is not even the free offer! 



I'll make you the most amazing offer...whatever surface you don't want us to do, I'll give you my personal and professional tips on doing it yourself. Hey, I pride myself on telling the truth, and giving sound advise. Let me know how I can help you.


It's a win-win!



And there's more!  I'll even make you another great offer. If you call before April 30th and just make an appointment for that free estimate before May 30th, WE WILL GIVE YOU EITHER A FREE STAINLESS SINK POLISHING OR KITCHEN TOPS* RESEALING WITH ANY WORK OVER $700.


You just need to reply from this email, or the comment section below and say, "I would like to schedule an estimate."  If you do this, we will either give you a free stainless steel sink polishing or a free granite top sealing with any work over $700.  There's nothing to lose when you just make an appointment. 


Call Today 714-999-2961




 OK, I've showed you my cards...you calling or folding?


Thank your for supporting us and keeping us working through these uncertain times. We all here at Perfect Granite Solutions really appreciate you.


Mark Ortiz - Owner


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Comments: 6
  • #1

    Kerri (Thursday, 13 April 2023 06:16)

    That's a great offer Mark. My stainless steel sink is scratched, dull and doesn't look good against my pretty stone. I'll call your office and get that free estimate. Thank you!

  • #2

    Connie McCrory (Friday, 14 April 2023 12:49)

    A few years ago I had your company leather my quartzite kitchen counters because of etching. Their is new etching over the years and need this remedied and sealed.

  • #3

    Connie McCrory (Friday, 14 April 2023 12:52)

    I would like to schedule an estimate to remove etching and reseal my quartzite kitchen counters.

  • #4

    Shula Bernstine (Friday, 14 April 2023 13:02)

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the email. I will call for an appointment and my kitchen tops do need resealing.

  • #5

    Mark Ortiz (Saturday, 15 April 2023 19:31)

    Kerri, Connie and Shula…. Thank you for messaging me. We will be happy to get you all scheduled.

  • #6

    Tonya B (Wednesday, 19 April 2023 10:56)

    Thanks for all your hard work, would love the stainless steal sink updo!