Custom Stone Finishes


Here we are producing a heavier textured finish for a lime stone slab being used for a large fireplace.


Brushed Finishes are the talk of the town because of its unique texture and feel. It's also commonly called the 'Leather Finish'.


The finish is created when we use abrasive brushes and our unique Italian weighted machinery.


Perfect Granite Solutions is the most requested company in Orange County for acheiving these unique and amazing finishes.

Personally we at Perfect Granite Solutions think all exterior counters should be brushed or honed.


Exposure to exterior elements can cause some polished finishes to wear prematurely. Texturing the surface makes the surface impervious to the elements giving the stone a long lasting natural appearance.


Come on in for some more information on the benefits of brushing your stone.


Honing is the process of removing the factory polish.  Honing produces a less formal appearance while minimizes the reflection of surrounding windows and lights.


It works exceptionally  well on almost all granites and marbles.  It feels smooth to the touch while maintaining the stones natural beauty,color and grain.

The homeowner wanted a less reflective surface on their Calcutta Marble counters so they opted to have it Honed.  Notice how the reflection was eliminated and yet maintains the natural grain of the marble.


Honed white marble is an excellent option for kitchen and bath counters no matter what anyone says.  It minimizes the appearance of etching and it's easy to clean with PGS recommended products. 


Let us pre-hone your marble slabs or we can hone after installation.  




Brushed Soap Stone makes up some of the most of the aggressive textures available,  highly recommended for barbeques and wherever a dark green color is desired.




Matchbook finish on a white Calcutta marble.


PGS refinished and polished the back side of the slab to create this one of a kind look. 


Ask us how we can help you produce a match book finish on your project.



 PGS  Brushed Quartzite. Most quartzites are extremely hard therefore it produces a lighter texture often called  the Satin Finish. Most Quartzites are porous and need to be sealed very well, especially on countertops.



This Azul granite barbeque was previously polished but the customer did not like the formal appearance or daily dirty appearance. PGS custom leathered it at their home! Only Perfect Granite Solutions has the experience and skills to perform such an amazing finish on Granite already installed.




This slab was custom honed at PGS. It's called 'Blizzard' and was purchased at AZT. The finish and color was striking to look at and feel. We highly recommend this stone where black and white veins are desired.