Dustless Blasting

Perfect Granite Solutions introduces our newest service for the stone and construction industry, Dustless Glass Blasting. Glass Blasting uses an abrasive media, mostly recycled glass, with pressurized water vapor. This combination reduces the amount of dust in the air allowing us to remove all kinds of coatings. Such as rust, adhesives and paint on multiple services  such as stone, brick, cement and wood.

Consider how we can help you with your next project such as producing non-slip surfaces on pool decking and walk ways. Also removing graffiti from walls, removing ocean contaminants off docks, blasting off rust from railing and steel fixtures, restoring wood decking and railings, and stripping off paint from buildings. Think of all the possibilities where a limited amount of dust and an eco-friendly approach is recommended. 




White Marble Fountain Restoration

using our Dustless Blasting System completely restored this fountain. We tried for years using traditional methods with little change. 

Compare the top half stained and soiled to the

lower half white and clean.


Upload the video below to see our system in action. Call us to restore marble or concrete fountains.

Restoring an aged fountain located in Upland, California using our Dustless Blasting methods.
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Here's an interesting request. The homeowner picked a Quartzite stone cladding that would have a taupe / gray color and after it was perfectly installed there were several gold colored pieces. Not good at all. After the installer tried several methods to remove the natural iron oxide, he called PGS. Using our Dustless Blasting  method we removed a majority of the gold color and wala!  See the photos below for before and after.