If It's Not Broken, Don't Fix It.

how should I fix my natural stone and my natural body?

By Mark Ortiz - Stone Restoration Specialist / novice blogger


Welcome to another free educational newsletter about natural stone.  And if you are not interested in natural stone, how about your natural body?  If neither one, than what the heck can we talk about? Just let me know.


I have always appreciated natural stone, and in my latter years, I have also appreciated how my body works, or in some locations, how it doesn't work.  Does inserting the vaccine help or hurt you? 

Maybe I can shed some light on it, but probably not.

Ahhhh...It's All Good.


Have you ever looked at something in your home and said, “Should I replace it?” And then answer yourself, “Well, if it’s not broken, why fix it?” 


Relax, because nothing we have that works, needs fixing…so we think. What does need fixing?  I want to share my experience  when or if to fix natural stone and when (or if) to "fix" our bodies.


So come and spend a few minutes with me and get some free advice or at least a free drink of cool-aid. 


A Calamity Is About To Happen...


Even though I’m going to hit on a hot topic, The Vaccine,  I’m first going to explain when we should and shouldn’t treat natural stone. I see some parallels about messing with things that are not to be messed with. 


Let’s talk about your plumbing. Not your internal plumbing. Now, I’m no plumber but I like doing plumbing work. You know, changing faucets, replacing hoses, and cleaning out the pea trap. It’s a smelly job but someone must do it.  Plumbing pipes, valves and hoses never seem to need replacement, until when?  Yeah, when you come home to 2 inches of water all over your floor or drips on your ceiling coming down from your upstairs bathroom! You run frantically in circles not knowing what to do because you don’t know where your main water valve is and the nightmare of water damage and repair is now your life calamity for about a month, sometimes years, depending on the damage. 

1st Free Tip:  Know where your main water shut off valve is. 


I Need To Do What?


 "Sir, you need to replace all your plumbing, TRUST ME!"


In many areas of our lives, people state, “Even if it’s not broken, you still need to fix it.”  This type of thinking invites opportunities to be taken advantage of; but also the need of being aware to prevent future problems. 


Replacing some valves and faucets every year or two may not be a bad idea for a few hundred bucks. But re-piping your house could be highway robbery waiting at your front door. The importance is to KNOW THE TRUTH about what needs work and what doesn’t.


Natural stone is one of the most durable materials you can use in your house. It’s been formed on the earths surface for thousands of years and can last for thousands more. 90% of the time it’s not broken, so there’s nothing to fix. But some stone does need prevention! We call this, preventive stone care.


Preventive stone care is the key to avoiding serious damage.


Lack of knowledge and truth leads to being ripped off for thousands of dollars.


The solution is doing your research on the issue and getting professional advice by a third party or by an expert who is not trying to sell you something.





So to all of you who care to know, here’s my free advice for stone care prevention and not getting ripped off.  


1.   * Before buying natural stone, ask installers and restoration companies with a reputable name their opinion on your stone choice.  Getting reviews online helps but mostly from those not trying to sell you something. 


2.   * Have all interior natural stone sealed at least once. Some stones are not that porous and only need one lifetime application. Others are more porous and need re-sealing every 2-5 years.


3.   *  DIY'ers must use a quality sealer. Always buy quality.  Ask a reputable stone installer, stone supplier, or restoration company for their recommendation.


4.   * A reputable stone restoration company usually applies quality products because if they don’t, you will be calling them back to re-seal. Returns cost money so hopefully they will choose wisely.


5.   * Exterior stone installations rarely need sealing. Ask a restoration company for best advice.


6.   * Avoid using topical sealers for natural stone. Topical sealers can peel, yellow, and need to be stripped and re-applied periodically. Only a reputable restoration company will determine the best advice when to use topical sealers.


7.   * If you see cracks in the stone, it's important to know "Why?", but it's not always urgent to fix.


 * Replace caulking at the kitchen sink yearly. 


Alright, there was your FREE ADVICE on preventive stone care. 


.....Now on to a possible life threatening subject…. The Covid Vaccine.




I know some of you are going to be irritated with my comments, therefore I will insert a short video for you to watch from someone expert in this area of health.  If you read my first newsletter (March 2020) titled, “I’m calling BS” you will know that I'm being consistent in my position on this worldwide deception, from it’s inception.  Yes, I said deception. Why? Because there are way too many lies and political agendas that qualify the Covid pandemic as a platform for deception. 


Deception doesn’t mean it’s all a lie.


Have you ever watched a movie ‘based on a true story’?  Did you believe the whole movie was really what happened? If you did, then you were intentionally and pleasantly  "deceived" by the script writers and the producers.  There were bits and pieces of truth, and the rest was made up to make the truth more entertaining or believable.  If you cannot accept that there are pieces of truth about the Covid pandemic and most of the script are lies or fabricated ideas to make you believe something that may not be real, then I will dare to say, “You are easily deceived and possibly emotionally driven.”  This is not an insult; this is merely a psychological behavior.  Look at the synonyms for deceived and see if you feel any apply to you.



-          Baited

-          Bamboozled

-          Betrayed

-          Conned

-          Culled

-          Duped

-          Fooled

-          Had

-          Hoodwinked

-          Lured

-          Played

-          Snared

-          Taken



Who Does These Things? 




I don’t know, how about, Politicians? Health leaders? Drug companies? Public figures? Social media creators? Darth Vader’s Empire?  And who are they wanting to deceive? 


My answer:  Those who are afraid, those who have something valuable to lose, and those who want to get back to some sense of normality.  Is this you? Is this the majority of us?


Truth:  Covid (#?) is real. Viruses are real. Vaccines are real. Sickness is real and the bad word…Death is real.


Lie:  No one has bad, selfish, nefarious, evil, self-centered, immoral motives from this so-called pandemic. 





Ok, quit throwing F bombs at me!


Maybe you think I should stick to natural stone. 


Hopefully I'm not as ignorant as you think.





Are you fixing what’s not broken,

or breaking what doesn’t need fixing?



Am I not making 'some' sense?  I am positive our bodies were designed with the immunity mechanisms to fight most viruses naturally. Just like preventive care for plumbing or stone, requires treating your bodies with healthy nutrients and physical exercise, not filling it with too much crappy food and foreign chemicals. 


And I'm aware that some people have low or weak immune fighting systems.  There are many TESTED AND PROVEN eastern and western medicines to “help” fight these viruses.  I say use them, and consider not injecting the experimental vaccines that are being pushed on all of us. This is the same as someone telling you that you have to repipe your home or seal all your stone every 6 months, or there will be dire consequences!  It’s based on a true story but is often a deceiving marketing strategy.  


Let’s see what  Dr. ‘D’,  who has nothing to sell you, has to say.  After the video I’ll wrap this up.  Thank you for taking the time to listen. By the way, I tried several times to upload a teaching video about the power of your immune system and the possible long term harm from injecting the “Miracle” mRNA vaccine. You Tube would not allow me to do it! So I settled with this one instead. It's more fair and balanced, I guess.  Oh well, so much for freedom of speech or allowing others to share their knowledge, experience or data.




Hmmm, Is It Possible He's Right?



Ok, so what did you think of his explanation? Is it something to study? Are you going to reconsider how you treat your body? 


This is not from a guy who has been working on natural stone for 30 years nor has been sniffing sealer most of his adult life, or trying to sell you his natural stone maintenance services. He’s completely neutral and considered an expert in health. 


Don’t dismiss him just because you don’t agree with me.  




With many people able to back up my next comment, I want you to know something. I never accepted their scheme. And since March 2020 I have done everything possible to not wear a mask, I’ve shaken hands with anyone who would accept my gesture of greeting, I’ve not stayed 6 feet apart from most people, I’ve continued to have and went to family and friend gatherings, I’ve opened the door to public places for people, I’ve never wiped the shopping carts before using them, I always gave hugs to whomever needed or wanted one.  But most importantly, I have always practiced health prevention and respect to others if I had a fever, cough or sneeze.


I say this to not be a condescending, pious jerk, but to show you, that as I and many of others around me, and people like many of you, we are still healthy (not sick free) and have not seen any consequences of hospitalization or dying (due to Covid) from our “normal” behavior.  Many of us have been a petri dish and a real human experiment, by choice, and we are still healthy.  I think OUR CHOICE to not take the vaccine concur with the doctors’ explanations of our God-given immune system at work.


May all of you truly seek and pray for sound advice and make wise choices so you too are not deceived by a tricky marketing scheme.  


One last thing :  Remember when I said in a past newsletter that the pandemic was over? Search this... Patrick King Canadian Provincial Health Minister cannot provide evidence that Covid -19 virus exists.   Or try this link 



And a short video embedded in this article saying the same as the one I couldn't upload on youtube regarding the possible danger of "m"RNA.  https://www.shiftfrequency.com/ways-mrna-covid-vaccine-can-kill-you/


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  • #1

    MARIA A TURENNE (Tuesday, 10 August 2021 10:41)


  • #2

    Mark Ortiz (Tuesday, 10 August 2021 18:32)

    Thank you Maria! Fighting for our personal freedoms and the freedoms for all is not with swords and muskets these days. It’s with courage, decisiveness and truth! God bless you too Maria.

  • #3

    Paul (Tuesday, 10 August 2021 20:29)

    The 600K+ US citizens that have died beg to differ. Stick to stones

  • #4

    Mark Ortiz (Wednesday, 11 August 2021 19:57)

    Paul, I appreciate your comment even though that number cannot be confirmed. It can be made to to the public as fact but how do you know people actually died from Covid? What is the medical method of determining causes of death? What would you say it is? Do you think it would cost money to determine actual cause of death? I’m purposely avoiding the obvious answer.

    I will promise to stick to stone as my profession but will never back down to lies and deceptions. Stay heathy sir. Mark