This was a specialized job restoring a white marble statue that is over a century old. If you look closely you'll see the statues original hieroglyphics which were hand traced by Angelina Ortiz

When a floor is soiled, PGS deep cleans the stone with stone cleaners and abrasives restoring the finish to a like new appearance.  (Before / During / After)



Restoring natural stone involves using a combination of abrasives and other polishing compounds. Each surface is treated somewhat differently depending on the stone and location. Use a trained professional and get it done right the first time.


We restore all types of stone counters, showers, floors and bar tops throughout your home.

Even the most unsightly surfaces can be restored with years of experience and using the right products.  Call Perfect Granite Solutions for an inspection of your problem. And we will find a perfect solution for you and your clients.



Now this is a counter!  After investing thousands of dollars on your stone installation, you'll want to have the best protection against staining.


We work as a team with your designer, installer and contractor insuring you have the best service and most accurate information available.


Some of you are experiencing cracked granite around your sink.  We are highly skilled at repairing these and ensuring the stone will maintain its integrity for many years to come.


This is a costly repair and a few companies are attempting to resolve it, but without a deep understanding of the reason it occurred and how to repair it could be wasted money.


Let us inspect your counter and discuss the options that are best for you.

Here is another Before and After of a cracked counter in front of the sink.


Most stone professionals will recommend replacing it but that will be costly and attempts to find a matching replacement would be slim.


Let us determine your best option before replacing the counters.




Here we treated the grout on porcelain floors in Newport Beach. The original grout was off-white and the customer wanted a brighter white color without replacing the grout.