Newer Travertine floors needed to be textured. The pieces only came in factory honed and the existing finish was a heavy textured sand blast. PGS used its Dustless Blaster to re-create the texture. Over time the stone will age and match the existing finish.



PGS treated a polished marble bar top at the Long Beach Marriott hotel. It was treated with our acid resistant sealer to minimize the excessive etching from alcohol and lemons.


PGS custom honed the polished black absolute granite.  See the contrast between the first section we honed and the remaining polished area.


Here we worked on the Wilson Kennedy Building in Beverly Hills where we produced a non slip texture on the marble flooring. This treatment combined with the flamed adjacent stone significantly reduced the slip factor on wet days.


PGS had the opportunity to assist Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants finding a solution to the excessive wear on the flooring at the San Diego Airport.  We refinished and polished the surface with a highly durable treatment that not only restored a great polish but also withstood the foot traffic of thousands of passengers.


Our stone treatment works incredible for Terrazzo flooring. Notice the difference between the polished area against the non-polished side.


The Onyx bar top at the Omni Hotel was excessively etched from alcohol and citrus fruits and PGS completely restored it.  PGS applied a protective sealer that allowed the hotel staff to buff and polish as needed.


PGS has maintenance options for commercial applications to help minimize professional maintenance costs.

The granite fountain at Pepperdine University had moisture and discoloration issues. Perfect Granite Solutions was able to apply texture to the smoother tiles and treat the entire fountain to a like new finish. Stone exposed to water must be treated properly to help prevent future damage or pre-mature wear.


IWC in South Coast Plaza has a flamed exterior granite wall needing maintenance. Sheppard Industries and PGS  cleaned off the oil stains and applied a penetrating sealer that didn't compromise the factory finish.


 PGS partnered with FAI to fill all the joints on this 300 s.f. Marble and Granite medallion. After filling the joints with four custom mixed epoxy colors, PGS flattened the surface removing the lippage and restoring to a beautiful high shine.