simple steps for cleaning stone

1. Have Perfect Granite Solutions seal your stone to help prevent staining.


2. Spray a mild neutral, non rinse stone cleaner on the surface of the stone and wipe clean with a small cloth towel and clean as often as you need to.


3. For dried on foods, let  the cleaner soften the foods and then wipe as usual. You can also use a stiff edge plastic tool or utensil. DO NOT USE METAL TOOLS !


4. For heavy oil residue apply a few drops of dish soap to a wet sponge and wipe clean then follow up with the non-rinse stone cleaner.


6. Cover stone when using acidic liquids such as fruit, vinegar, or citrus on marble, limestone, and travertine.


7. Hot pans can usually be set directly on natural stone but DO NOT PUT HOT ITEMS ON ENGINEERED QUARTZ . If any dulling or cloudiness is noticed call us at PGS for an inspection of your situation.


8. Cutting with knives on granite is okay but marble and limestone will scratch. If scratches or chips are noticed  stop cutting and use a cutting matt.


9. Never sit on counter tops or overhangs.


10. Floors require cleaning with a damp mop and a concentrated non-rinse stone cleaner.


11. Squeegee showers after every use.


12. Exterior stone can be hosed off and scrub with a push broom.  Clean when the sun is out to dry the stone quicker.


13. Schedule routine professional cleaning and sealing as recommended.


14. Contact Perfect Granite Solutions with any questions or comments about stone care.