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Spring Cleaning Offer
Spring is here! And spring cleaning begins whenever you are ready to tackle the dirty stuff. You noticed the dirty cabinets and door jams, so out comes the Mr Clean Sponges and an array of other cleaning products. Do you like cleaning shower soap scum and hand scrubbing dirty grouts? I didn't think so. Let us help you get started! And not only will we help you get clean, we will also offer you 2 free services. Read on....

Fluffy White Stuff?
So, we are getting several calls this winter that goes something like this.... "Dear Perfect Granite Solutions, I have all this fluffy white fuzzy stuff on my patio that looks like it's growing." Friends, that's efflorescence! And it's annoying as politicians and health gurus. You might want to TAKE 5 MINUTES, and learn something new for your home and businesses....come read.

Can You Have a Happy New Year?
This newsletter is my first for the year and it’s food for thought. I’m a self proclaimed expert stone specialist, a novice blogger and even lower on my field of expertise, a wanna-be counselor. Today I want to give you my “counseling tips” as you enter into the new year. Please check with your certified life coach or psychologist before following my sage advise.

We Need To Talk About Quartzite
As your "preferred" stone specialist, you would expect me to tell you the truth about any stone issue out there. So we need to talk about one of the most popular stones out there right now...Quartzite. It has the reputation for looking like marble and performing like granite. But this is not true for all Quartzite and we need to talk about If you are thinking about using Quartzite, selling or recommending it, you need to read this newsletter or pass it to someone who does.

It's Time To Shine!
Is it your time to shine? How do you know when your stone needs maintenance? Read our short newsletter and see if you are due some quality stone care.

This months subject is about how customers and contractors are describing Quartzite. For us who sell it or have years of experience with stone, it seems pretty elementary. Yet for most people out there, it’s a little confusing. There are three common surfaces that are often misdescribed; they are Quartzite, Quartz, and Engineered