And The Winner Is?

wednesday november 4th.....and the winner is?

By Mark Ortiz - Stone Restoration Specialist / novice blogger

The election of the President of the United States is about a week away (Give or take a few weeks to contest it of course.) ...and what's really going to change?


Peoples reactions?...oh yes. The economy and world issues?...continue as planned.



I promise that this may be one of the shortest newsletters I’ll ever send. It is so short that you can read it to someone an earshot away without them bellowing, “I don’t have time to hear that garbage.”


So, who should we support to be the leader of the free world?  Trump or Harris? I mean Biden...(That's only a joke! I’m not being bias, it just seems Harris is more coherent. Just sayin.) 


I’m going to make this simple for all of us. It doesn't matter who you vote for, it matters how you will live your life regardless of which white guy sits in the oval office. ("Really Mark?") Hey, Stephanopoulos said it right after the debate!


I never understood why George or other people would care about superficial comments such as whether or not the candidate is black, white, man, woman, faith based, non based, tall, short, smart, dumb, gay, straight, rich, poor, moral or immoral. These may be popular talking points and something to argue about when you don’t know the real issues that are most important to our country,  but I wonder who would we vote for or support if we used the following criteria we all most likely agree upon.


A person who...


Keeps their word

Proven able to lead others

Problem solver

Is willing to die for their country

Respects and honors the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Respects honorable military and police men and women

Supports those mentally and physically suffering from military service

Promotes for job growth and business success

Fights for less tax burden on all people

Promotes the individual states to create laws best for their citizens.

Allows the people to decide best for their own future.

Understands that freedom is for all citizens and must be defended at all costs.



These and other important issues can be discussed and resolved, yet many people focus on superficial areas such as those mentioned above, diminishing our ability to solve problems and instead sound like a fictitious twenty year old something. I'm pretty sure no 20 yr. olds are reading this, so technically I'm not offending anyone. 




 I have decided to do something I have never done 

since I started voting.


I'm not going to vote in this election.


DON’T ABANDON ME YET Carol, Judi and Mary (pseudonyms and presumably my biggest fans ;))...I "think" I CAN EXPLAIN. 


I think voting is one of our greatest privileges as Americans and I want all of you to vote! Vote for all the candidates and props on the ballots you think will help you, your city, state and nation. But here’s the reason I’m not voting this time around even though I have my preferences if I did. And who knows, maybe my mind will be changed in a few days.


My decision (and freedom) to not vote is to emphasize a statement of belief and that is,


“I don’t rely or hope on any government official, person, group, political party or financial entity for me to live free, to make my life better or for me to succeed.”


Instead, I need to be prepared for any event that may come our way whether on the world stage or in our immediate communities.



I don’t trust or rely on political entities or one person, I trust my own instincts, my own thoughts and conclusions, and also the masses of free-thinking common sense people to help protect our homes, our livelihoods and our nation with all the physical, financial and spiritual means we possess. And they include many of you!



Let's fight for personal freedom and family unity during this unprecedented time in America . Don’t lose your ‘shi..ftt.' But try to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude. I chose to do the following in 2016 and will repeat it again this year.  


I didn't watch, listen, or talk about politics from Friday through Tuesday night of the election. I woke up Wednesday morning ready to work and found out who our president was. I had no anxiety, stress, or fruitless confrontations prior to the election.


I intentionally spent it with my family playing card games, going out to eat, being weird, and dancing to disco music. It was a very special time for all of us. 


I would not expect from you who volunteer in elections or you who’s job it is discussing political topics, to attempt this most rewarding decision of fasting from politics for a few days. And for some of you, it’s a lot of stress and anxiety, confrontation and mind un-altering debates with loved ones.  And if that's you,  I would highly recommend you try it.  


Thank you for listening and hopefully we will be hearing from you on the other side. By the way, Christmas is on the other side and can you only imagine what that's going to look like?  'Tis the season to be jolly'? 


Blessing to you.


Mark Ortiz





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